Because stress doesn't need to be the price of success

Are you ready to change the way you live for good?

Because stress doesn't need to be the price of success

Are you ready to change the way you live for good?

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Penelope is a Spiritual Life Coach for Corporate Executives who feel stressed and anxious on a daily basis, helping them to avoid running the risk of experiencing burn-out.

Most Corporate Executives she meets have lives that are seriously out of balance, juggling their work and family commitments with ‘crisis management’ techniques; so often leaving them feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and inadequate.

It’s a familiar story that has a typical ending – stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and ultimately – unless addressed properly – a debilitating burn-out.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Penelope works with clients to put quick and simple coping mechanisms in place so they have proven stress management techniques they can use in any given moment.

Penelope combine these techniques with powerful energetics and vibrational mastery to guide my clients back to alignment with what is important to them and what makes them happy, so they can adapt, evolve and make changes that allow them to live a life of balance, abundance and success on their terms.

Penelope is incredibly passionate about what she does because her own personal story is like the one described above…so she’d be delighted to share more information about what she does and how she does it with anyone who resonates with this for themselves personally, or for a team that they lead!

As Seen In


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8 weeks to empower your life to create the freedom that you deserve


Working with you to heal your inner world so that you can be free from stress, anxiety and burnout.

Corporate Training

Penelope helps companies to eliminate stress & burnout within their employees so that they can increase productivity, reduce sickness & high staff turn over, creating THE best work life balance possible for their employees.

Penelope is one of the few spiritual healers in the UK who is able to provide a proven go to toolkit for immediate results.

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