The Power of Freedom in the Corporate World

Are you ready to change the way you work for good?

The Power of Freedom in the Corporate World

Are you ready to change the way you work for good?

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Penelope worked within a corporate environment for 30 years, she faced so many of the challenges you face, and she draws on this knowledge to help you to work from within.

Penelope is able to lead you to feel less stress, more balance, and step forward to a better life, whether this is from your first CV to creating the position in the company you deserve.

What Penelope adds to the standard career coaching is her natural ability to blend spirituality into all that she does, Penelope always works with you from a place of balance, teaching you first on how to connect inwards. Penelope empowers you to tune into your own intuition in order to create more balance and freedom in your own lives.

As Seen In

5DE Certified Healing

Working with the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome Penelope will work with her Higher Self to help heal you specialising in lifeforce and cellular memory

Empowerment & Freedom Coaching

Whether it is just wanting to work in a better way, transitioning to a new role or completely starting out Penelope will work with you to gain that perfect role.  

Soul Clarity Reading

If you just want some general guidance, Penelope will work with your Higher Self to gain clarity on how to move forward from where you feel stuck.

Self Study

Sometimes Penelope’s clients would like to discover for themselves how to write that CV, attract their perfect job, or work from a better mindset.  Therefore she has created a series of self study courses and meditations to help her clients do just that.

Ready to change the way you work?