5DE Certified Healing

You don’t need to know who your higher self is in order to receive this healing, Penelope will gently guide you through, connecting in with her Higher Self Tori and her non-physical team. Being a Certified 5th Dimension Earth Healer also allows her a connection to the 5th Dimension Megadome and the truth of you, in order to correctly identify and enact your healing design

Whatever your healing requirements Penelope will be able to work closely with you and your higher self and team to identify the root cause. Gently navigating and identifying the areas that need to be shifted in order for you to create freedom for your soul.

Penelope’s speciality lies in the freedom of the soul, connecting in with your life force and cellular memory to create freedom in your life.

How does this work in the 9-5 world? It works because illness of the soul through conformity and hiding shouldn’t be the normal, it should be a thing of your past.