Emotional pain and how should we wear it?

How many of you have faced pain throughout your life? Not the physical pain but emotional, the kind that makes you hide away and not let anyone know you. Oh that pain, I hear you say. We have all faced trauma in our life it hides amongst us all, waiting, biding itself until it rears its ugly head and manifests into physical pain.

I like most people hid mine away and carried on, I buried it deep, and carried on, I wore my fake smile and outer image well, until I collapsed at work. Anxiety and panic attacks became my norm, I had treatment and moved in, embarrassed to admit that I suffered with mental health. Then comes the day when you meet a fellow sufferer and you talk openly for the first time, does this heal you? Well to a certain extent, but what about the root cause, those roots go deep. So deep, how are you to dig those out? If you don’t they grow again, and manifest stronger than before.

Having suffered from a lack of love in my childhood mine grew and festered, I thought I had treated it but in reality the cure wasn’t found, I just cut it back a bit. Breast cancer was how it manifested itself, all that negative energy building up and growing inside for years. Even when faced with this challenge I put on my face and wore my outside smile with pride. Oh how much others praised me for the way I handled my cancer and how much inspiration it gave them, but again I had only cut back the fear.

My journey to acceptance came when I learnt to accept the reasons for not having the love, I addressed the issues that had built those roots deep. I let them floor into the universe with love and gradually the roots withered and died.

Do not wear your pain inside, learn to love you and who you are. Every morning look in that mirror and tell yourself how proud you are of you, how beautiful you are, how awesome you are. With this small action you will learn that you are magic, that you are the most glorious wonderful person in the world. Your inner being will show you things in your past that have caused this inner hatred, embrace them, accept them and set them free with love ❤️

This doesn’t happen over night but these small steps will allow your soul to glow bright, and you will attract this brightness back to you.

I completely accept who I am, I love everything about myself flaws and all. This is me

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