Future Leaders: Empower your Leaders in 5 easy steps now

With all the changes that our world has seen over the past few years now is certainly the time to create Future Leaders, but just how do you do this and what steps are needed in order to do so?


With only around 35% of UK managers having ever received some form of management training, it is little wonder that today’s 9-5 is struggling to recover post-pandemic, so just how do we create leadership that takes us into the 21st century with ease?

We need to start looking at our places of work and the situations that our teams have found themselves in as they return to the workplace, a 360 approach that looks at the whole scenario of this changed landscape and we can then start to redefine the way we work.

As we look to the future training today’s leaders to become leaders of the future is essential if we want to stop the ever increasing rise of stress related illness. We need to create conscious leaders that can navigate this work place and dynamics with ease, flexing to meet demands of not only the team but of themselves also. What I have found is that we we approach from this angle productivity also increases and absence and staff attrition decreases.

So how do we do this?

Step 1: Review Future Leaders

Understanding your Leadership ability is essential, you may want to forge your company forward in this new way, but what if your leaders aren’t able to flex quickly or with ease? Are they open to change, and willing to learn how to navigate it? What leadership training is in place for them already?

Carrying out this review before you start any kind of change is essential, as it will highlight areas that you need to focus on. Bear in mind, that this may take time as you work closely with them to understand this fundamental core within your leadership team

Step 2: Assess Future Leaders

Armed with an understanding of the above you can start to carry out an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, your leaders need to be able to work closely with you on this, which is why the first step is so important, if they don’t feel supported by you there is a risk that this may fail at the first hurdle. Help them to understand that this assessment is only to help them to understand their personal dynamics and that these strengths will in turn allow themselves to foster a greater ability to navigate their new landscape

Step 3: Identify Future Leaders

Working methodically with your leaders, providing the support and training will ultimately allow them to identify areas of their leadership that will benefit the team and company, it will help foster clarity and trust within the team structure and your leaders the ability to manage and lead with ease

Step 4: Systemise Future Leaders

Now is where the exciting things happen, they have the tools and knowledge, they are feeling comfortable to help their teams, to work with them and to lead them forward in a new manner. Understanding how to put a system of support and conscious leadership will start to come forth and their teams in turn will feel confident working alongside them

Step 5: Embed Future Leaders

Now that you have worked through these processes it is time to embed this leadership model into your companies foundation, raising the bar for continued growth and support within your organisation.

You can do this one or two ways, one way is to provide continued leadership training and guidance that they can tap into at any point, the other is to create your own leadership programme that fully supports them throughout their tenure with you

Why is leadership important?

Getting your leaders ready for the future is key to the success of the organisation as it: –

  • Builds trust within the team at all levels
  • It helps the team move forward with confidence that the organisation has their best interests at heart
  • It attracts new talent whilst at the same time lowering attrition
  • Success of the team and organisation occur because the team and leaders have a vested interest in creating success

I work with organisations to help create this way of leadership within their organisation and would be happy to have a no obligation discussion with you, please contact me HERE

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