The Power of Freedom in a Corporate World

Released 1st April 2021

The Power of Corporate Freedom book sets out to tackle some of the issues with the outdated way in work, a way that causes 1 in 6 people to suffer with work related stress.

Mental Health is rising and yet we still expect the majority of the population to work in a regime that was introduced during the industrial revolution.

This book is a must for anyone feeling undervalued, stuck in a rut, tired of their job or not being noticed. It teaches you how to use your own inner voice and go against the grain, but in doing so creates the premise for you to succeed. It gives you the courage to reach out and make a difference to your life and those around you.

Having had 30 years of working in a corporate environment Penelope learnt to work more intuitively, listening to her body and inner voice. In doing so she self healed her anxiety and mental health, and her life is transformed into one of balance and harmony. In this book she will show you tips on how to do so yourself, you will be able to learn from her results and increase your productivity yourself

Change the way you see the world for the better.

12 Weeks to Freedom Journal

This journal will help you to listen intuitively within.  Ideally used with my courses, but can also be used independently.

This Journal will guide you through each day over a 12 week period, with time for reflection at the end of each week.