Why do we doubt ourselves so much?

So have you ever had so much fear about stepping out of your comfort zone? I have for much of my life has been to conform, firstly as a child, then in my teens and even into adulthood.

You bury the person you are and who you should be within mountains of conformation, bending and steering to that ideal.  The ideal that you must act in a certain way.  Why? Fear of ridicule.

Take yesterday for example; I responded to a Law of Attraction Facebook page a follow, and suddenly I had a few of my friends comment on that post.  I was embarrassed and confused as to how they could see my comments, but why should I be?  Why should I feel the pressure that they may criticise me?

It goes back to trying to fit.

As I child I sought praise from my parents, dad with his high expectations of me and mum to avoid the conflict, I remember running home from school so proud of a drawing I had done, to have it criticised for not being as good as normal, so you try harder, you try to be better.  At school when we had moved south, I remember showing off in class, making a fool of myself for attention, but all the time ridiculed more and more.  In my teens having withdrawn so far into my shell as to become a robot, I joined a theatre group, and after accidently falling off my chair and getting laughter, I would become clumsy for attention.  As an adult, when my husband did not pay me the attention I needed I would sulk, give up and bend to what his ideal.  Then as a mother, working out how I should be the best parent imaginable, and putting their needs above my own. 

Does this resonate with anyone?

Of course it does, it is what makes us human, but it doesn’t allow for you to shine, you become a robot moving through the day to day.

You have one life, each day should be celebrated by allow yourself the freedom to be who you were meant to be.

Stop the doubt, stop the inner voice saying you cannot do this;you cannot do that.  Yes, you can! Accept that you are mighty, powerful, and beautiful in your own right.

The truth I set myself now is to stop doubting who I am, but to believe with all my will and might that I can reach great heights on both a personal and professional level

The truth is I choose to allow myself the freedom to believe in myself

The truth is I am a special soul with huge potential and I am ready to fly into the future that is full of self belief.

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